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Today (HD, New, TV-G) The latest details on the coronavirus pandemic are provided.

Dragnet Public Affairs: DR-07 (TV-G) LAPD detectives Sergeant Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon are called upon to discuss the politics of the department on a local TV show.
Dragnet Juvenile: DR 05 (TV-G) The LAPD detectives are called upon to perform night watch duty for the local troubled teens, learning about the societal climate of a 1960s teenager.
I Love Lucy Baby Pictures (TV-PG) The Ricardos and Applebys always brag about their sons, but when exchanges get hostile between the ladies, Ricky becomes nervous he may lose his new TV job.
The Beverly Hillbillies A Bundle for Britain (TV-G) After hearing about the sale of two of their ships, the Clampetts decide they need to help Britain and the Queen by giving them their money.
My Three Sons Le Petit Stowaway (TV-G) Steve boards a military plane that will take him to Paris on a business trip, but what he doesn't realize is that his son Chip has snuck on board and is hiding.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Says Goodbye (TV-G) Beaver begins spreading the word that he's moving when Ward makes an offer on a house, and they throw him a going away party.

Crime Town USA Blood Will Tell (Repeat, TV-14) Details are shared about the murder of a store owner in Wisconsin, and emphasis is placed on how a similar crime was committed in a nearby town.
City Confidential Ingleside: Dirty Deeds, Buried Secrets (TV-PG) Amid rumors of drug-dealing and fraud, the former mayor of a sleepy coastal town comes under suspicion for the murder of his business partner.
Bizarre Murders Mistaken Identity (Repeat) Specific details are shared about a man who hired a hitman to kill his wife and who inadvertently caused a different woman to die.
Bizarre Murders Shape Shifter (Repeat) Information is shared about a German citizen who moved to America and then used several different identities to commit murderous acts.
Deadly Motives Twisted Fate Episode 1 (Repeat)

« Modern Marvels Weapons of Mass Destruction (HD, TV-PG) The massive power and deadly capabilities of weapons such as nuclear bombs and biological warfare is discussed including fear they could be used by terrorists.
Backroad Bounty Garage Gold (HD, TV-PG) Hosts Marty and Bam Bam conduct an evaluation of a man's storage unit business, which is overflowing with a wide variety of collector's items.
Backroad Bounty Yard Sale Round Up (HD, TV-PG) During a busy yard sale season, hosts Marty and Bam Bam hunt for good deals as they visit their old friends The Bests on their sprawling farm property.
American Restoration Cold Cuts (HD, TV-PG) Rick and the rest of his crew get to work on restoring a Berkel meat slicer from the 1900s and a stamp vending machine from the 1950s for their clients.
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