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Today (HD, New, TV-G) Actor Patrick Schwarzenegger from "Midnight Sun"; director Tyler Perry and actress Taraji P. Henson from "Acrimony"; "Today Food."

Night Gallery The Flip-Side of Satan (TV-PG) A disc jockey finds himself being offered up as a sacrifice at a deserted radio station.
The Facts of Life The Facts of Life Down Under, Part 4 (TV-PG) A devoted housemother at a boarding school for girls, becomes involved in the lives of her charges and offer them the care, comfort and wisdom they need.
Diff'rent Strokes Double Date (TV-PG) Arnold is excited about his first date, but he's not sure if he'll get to go on it because of the fact that parents keep putting restrictions on him.
The Beverly Hillbillies Elly, the Secretary (TV-G) The family thinks Louellen Aden is coming to California to marry Jethro, but when she arrives she tells them her hopes of being in movies.
My Three Sons Big Ol' Katie (TV-G) Distressed about how big she's getting, Katie suffers qualms about her looks until she learns from the doctor that she is going to be having more than one baby.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's First Date (TV-G) Beaver asks a girl out for the first time when he is invited to a dance at a dance school, but the girl he goes with also plans to dance with other boys.

« The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice Deadly Commission (TV-PG) Follow the true cases of prosecuting attorneys across the country who have helped put criminals behind bars, seeing the justice system through their eyes.
Hard Time Worst of the Worst (TV-14) Lucasville's penal facility accepts inmates that broke the rules in other prisons, and it has more attacks on inmates and staff than any other prison in Ohio.
Cold Case Files The Hunter Homicides; Skulls of Stanley Park (TV-14) The four-year search for two hunters' killer ends in tragedy; police link two skulls found in a park to a suspected sexual stalker.
Killing Spree The New York Knifings (Repeat, TV-14) An examination of an incident in which Ukrainian-born Maksim Gelman who murdered four people and injured five in a twenty-eight hour stabbing spree.

« Storm Chasers Hail to the Beast (HD, TV-PG) The chasers track a storm in Nebraska, where they find themselves in a precarious position when one team gets dangerously close to a tornado.
Most Daring Young & Dangerous 2 (TV-PG) An enthusiastic crowd turns into a rioting mob at a baseball game; hitchhikers are subjected to cruel treatment; youths get out of control at a skate park.
Flying Wild: Alaska Solar Flare Danger (HD, TV-PG) Cold weather causes the villages to lose their supply of water; solar flares threaten Ponts and Ben; an elusive criminal worries the Twetos.
Swamp Loggers The Comeback Kid (HD, TV-PG) The Goodson All-Terrain Logging team tries to conquer an infamous tract of rough terrain despite their past failures at the same location.
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