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« Chicago Fire Make This Right (HD, New, TV-14) The firehouse receives a call about a motorcycle accident; Mouch and Otis have a disagreement; Foster, Brett and Kidd try to secretly fix a dent.
Chicago PD
10 News Nightbeat
Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

WKRP in Cincinnati Family Affair (TV-PG) Andy's sister Carol comes to visit him in Cincinnati, and Andy asks Johnny to show her around but Venus ends up taking her out instead which upsets Andy.
Hogan's Heroes Sticky Wicket Newkirk (TV-G) Newkirk sneaks a beautiful woman into Stalag 13, and he is immediately attracted to her; what they do not know is that she is actually a German agent.
Hogan's Heroes War Takes a Holiday (TV-G) Hogan convinces Klink and the rest of the Gestapo that the war had just ended in yet another effort to free all of the prisoners from Stalag 13.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Jean Stapleton and Phil Silvers (TV-G) Carol dresses as singer and actress Cher; Carol and the gang perform a series of television commercial parodies for corn hips, lotion, coffee and more.
Perry Mason The Case of the Envious Editor (TV-PG) A businessman purchases a failing publication and changes it to feature scandalous gossip, but after he is found murdered, a case of blackmail is discovered.

« Secrets of the Morgue Wolf at the Door (HD, TV-14) When a wealthy woman disappears from her upscale retirement village in Ohio, her dead body is found days later in the trunk of her abandoned car.
Secrets of the Morgue Christmas in Ashes (HD) High-profile murder cases are explored as skilled medical examiners work alongside homicide detectives to bring justice to murder victims and their families.
Dog the Bounty Hunter A Family Feud (HD, TV-PG) The team looks for an elusive fugitive with drug charges to help a fellow bondswoman, and she later rescinds the bonds on the same man's mother and stepfather.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Sons and Daughters (HD, TV-PG) Dog and his team pursue a highly elusive lawbreaker, and they must employ their own secretive techniques to capture their fugitive.
Killer Kids Dangerously In Love (HD, TV-14) Adolescent teens full of raging hormones and newfound independence fall madly in love, then turn violent when they are forced to be apart.

« Swamp Loggers Rising Water (HD, TV-PG) Despite being inundated with floodwaters, Bobby pushes the crew to make the most of the situation in hopes that they can still break the hauling record.
Auction Kings Bomb Squad Suit, WWII Binoculars (HD, TV-PG) Paul finds an antique shoeshine stand; a bomb squad suit is sold; a seller brings in binoculars that were part of the "Eyes for the Navy" program during WWI.
Auction Kings Vampire Hunting Kit; Meteorite (HD, TV-PG) The owner of an Atlanta auction house evaluates a variety of items for sale, including a rock that could be a meteorite and what could be a vampire hunting kit.
Dual Survival Misty Mountain Drop (HD, TV-14) Joe and Cody must stay alive in a humid and perilous woodland environment that endangers their lives with radical temperature changes and more.
American Loggers Making Ends Meet (HD, TV-PG) The loggers set a goal of cutting down 3,000 trees in one week, but a damaged bridge creates another setback; the crew gets to use a new, expensive log crane.
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