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Live at Five at Four (TV-G)
10 News at Five (TV-G) An in-depth presentation of news, weather, and sports.
10 News
NBC Nightly News

Wagon Train The Jasper Cato Story (TV-G) Major Adams learns that a friend, who works as a newspaper editor in a small town, may be in danger and sets off to find him before someone else does.
Charlie's Angels Waikiki Angels (TV-PG) The beaches of Honolulu beckon, but the Angels' vacation is interrupted when a Congressman's son is attacked on his honeymoon.
Mama's Family Bubba's House Band (TV-PG) Bubba books a rock band named The Bonecrushers to perform at his school's homecoming, and instead of staying at a hotel, the group stays at Mama's.
The Jeffersons The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii, Part 4 (TV-G) George and Tom are shipwrecked on an island filled with natives after their boat flips over and the natives tell them of a real estate development.

The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Trails of Evidence (HD, TV-14) Forensic investigators look at innocuous-looking clues including dirty shoes or a tiny piece of plastic, which can lead them to the person behind the crime.
Main Street Mysteries Without a Trace (HD, TV-PG) A 13-year-old's disappearance goes unsolved for eight years until her friends divulge crucial information that leads to the arrest of a career criminal.
Main Street Mysteries Missing Hoosier (HD, TV-PG) A 19-year-old Indiana college student's disappearance is investigated, but police are unable to arrest their main suspect due to no physical evidence.
Main Street Mysteries Murder in the Dorms (HD, TV-PG) When a 21-year-old student is found murdered on an Oregon college campus, DNA samples match a former student who has conveniently disappeared.
Main Street Mysteries Before Another Girl Dies (HD, TV-PG) Portland investigators intervene when three sex workers are found murdered within weeks of one another in the same area.

Modern Marvels Aluminum (HD, TV-PG) Aluminum was once considered more valuable than gold and can be found everywhere, from kitchens to NASA telescopes, because of the metal's versatile uses.
Modern Marvels American Steel: Built to Last (HD, TV-PG) Highlighted are the details surrounding the story of the item that for over a century was a symbol of the country's industrial strength, steel.
Flying Wild: Alaska New Wings Over Alaska (HD, TV-PG) Sarah encounters new hazards while flying a Cessna 208; Ariel searches for seagull eggs; Erik has a hard time keeping his plane aloft over an infamous runway.
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