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NBC Golf: Road to President's Cup
NBC Golf: World Long Drive Championship
Winter Sports: US Ski & Snowboard- Birds of Prey

Gilligan's Island Three to get Ready (TV-G) The Skipper believes that a stone Gilligan unearthed has magical capabilities that will grant three wishes if they are requested before the sun sets.
Gilligan's Island Forget Me Not (TV-G) The Skipper hits his head and develops a case of amnesia that mentally transports him back to World War II and causes him to view the castaways as the enemy.
Gilligan's Island Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home? (TV-G) After discovering Gilligan's secret diary contains an inaccurate account of the castaways' encounter with a Japanese soldier, they each offer their own version.
Gilligan's Island Physical Fatness (TV-G) The Skipper and Gilligan work at whipping themselves into shape in the hopes that they can join the Navy whenever they manage to leave the island.
The Honeymooners 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (TV-G) Realizing that the Christmas gift he got for Alice is nothing but junk, Ralph decides the thing to do is pawn his bowling ball to buy her something special.
The Odd Couple Scrooge Gets an Oscar (TV-G) Oscar refuses to take part in a childrens production of A Christmas Carol as the role of Scrooge, but he is visited by Felix and his poker buddies in a dream.

Unraveled Ordained to Kill (TV-14) When 20-year-old Thayne Ormsby moves in with Robert Strout, the two men quickly developed a father-son relationship that lead Thayne down a murderous path.
Unraveled Supermarket Slaughter (TV-14) Arunya Rouch becomes irate when she is fired from a Florida Publix grocery store for threatening a coworker and retaliates by shooting him in cold blood.
I Killed My BFF Mississippi Moms (HD, TV-14) Two friends live in a peaceful suburban area as they raise their families, but one mom will do anything to fulfill her dreams, including murder.

Boogeymen Chupacabra (TV-PG) A creature known as the "Chupacabra" spread fear through rural Texas in the mid-1900s due to its predator characteristics and alleged blood-sucking tendencies.
Boogeymen Honey Island Swamp Monster (TV-PG) For 30 years, Louisiana has been terrorized by the "Honey Island Swamp Monster," which is described as being a cross between an alligator and a baboon.
Boogeymen Bearilla (TV-PG) In the Kentucky countryside, an unidentified creature with traits of a wolf, bear and gorilla reportedly inhabits the area and strikes fear among the locals.
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